Sion vs. Dubs

These two have been fighting about this for months, “who truly is the king of kings between Stouts and Sours?” So we’ve decided to let them duke it over the taps.

Sion has picked 7 of her favourite Stouts and Dub has selected 7 of the best Sours. We tap them from lunchtime and pour them until the kegs blow.

The full tap list:

1. Akasha Brewing Company “Vetala’s Blood” Stout (6%)
2. Feral Brewing Company “Boris” Russian Imperial Stout (9.1%)
3. The Grifter Brewing Company “The Omen” Oatmeal Stout (5.5%)
4. Merchant Brewing Co. “Rumball in the Jungle” Stout (5.8%)
5. Mismatch Brewing Company Chocolate Oatmeal Stout (5.6%)
6. MOO BREW “Velvet Sledgehammer” Stout (8%)
7. Pirate Life Brewing Export Stout (6.8%)

1. Batch Brewing Company “The Big Apple” Sour (4.6%)
2. Edge Brewing Project “Cherry Popper” Tart Ale (4.4%)
3. Feral Brewing Company “Funk’n Phresh” Barrett Ale (6%)
4. The Grifter Brewing Company “Acid Drop” Hopped Kettle Sour (3.5%)
5. HopDog BeerWorks “Unicorn Tears” Barrel Fermented Wild Ale (7.7%)
6. Mismatch Brewing Company “Spontaneous Pomegranate” Sour (6.9%)
7. Newstead Brewing Co. “Once Were Warriors” Sour (6.5%)

Young Henrys Newtowner (4.8%)
Beer Creative “Einstein” Schwarzbier (4.7%)
Stone Brewing “Go To” IPA (4.5%)
4 Pines Brewing Company Double Cascadian Dark Ale (8% Black IPA)
Stone & Wood Brewing “Pacific Ale” (4.4%)

Paddles served until 7:30pm
Jugs served until 10pm

Come and join us,
Cheers Legends!